What is udoobie (You-doobie)

Ūdoobie (you-doobie) is a location based social network and marketplace for cannabis connoisseurs age 21 or older with direct messaging capability that gives the end user the ability to see an approximate location of other members in close proximity to them or anywhere in the network they choose and communicate with them. Users can chat, share information, media and do business together. Ūdoobie is just a tool to do it. Ūdoobie takes no interest or responsibility in the business between parties.

Ūdoobie is the only place where “real” cannabis connoisseurs can come to chat, share and exchange cannabis goods, products, services, advice and lifestyles. If this sounds like something cool, sign up and help us grow this community.

Use ūdoobie wherever you are. At the game, at the beach, at the club, at a friend’s house or at a boring family party. Chat, grab a sack, get some help or meet up at the smoke section and blaze one together. Need some clones, equipment, a caregiver or someone to help trim? Find someone close by, message them and hook up. Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities with ūdoobie.

Sign up and start networking. Find people near you to engage with and hit them up. Ūdoobie is all about putting you in control of you. Taking “them” out of your life and giving you the freedom to do you. It’s that simple.

Gifts and donations come with an unwritten rule. You should give as you would want to receive. We strive to make all transactions beneficial to both parties without making any formal rules. Unless the other party explicitly refuses donations, you are expected to reimburse the other party for any expenses associated with, but not limited to the sharing, production, delivery or care of any cannabis products or services. Others may state their donation requirements, but assume that there is a donation required even if you don’t see one.

We are connoisseurs of exotic cannabis products, adult toys (not that kind of adult toys), cuisine, travel and the finer things in life. If you work hard, you should play harder. That doesn’t mean abuse your body. It means whatever you do, go after it. Live each day as if it were your last. Leave a legacy. Whatever you do, do you.

The Cannabis Connoisseur only puts the best of the best into his or her body. A.K.A. a weed snob. The person that takes pride indulging in only the best of everything. The person that chooses quality over quantity. The individual that pulls the stash out that makes other people put theirs’ away. Your weed is unhide-able because it smells like you have a skunk in your pocket. Your eighth smells like a pound. The Top Shelf is where you start looking and you move up from there. True connoisseur’s look for the secret shelf that only exclusive clientele get to see. A true connoisseur is strictly organic and holistic. No fungus. No chemicals. No solvents. No pesticides. No bullshit. The way the Creator intended. Put it in the air and let it do what it does. Build bridges. Make friends. Get paid. Do you at all costs. Ūdoobie?